Behavior & Training

Kurlander Kennels offers a variety of private classes ranging from basic and advanced obedience to Competition Hunting to advanced protection and tactical training.

We offer Understanding Aggression and How to Control it. Where we focus on reactive behaviors in home or in a controlled and educational environment. This helps to control impulses and teach animals how to coexist calmly and happily in our society.

We also offer Understanding Fear and How To Overcome It. Where we focus on dogs that may have been abused or have an unknown caution or fear towards people or objects and we explore how to make their lives more enjoyable.

In addition to basic, advanced, and specialized classes we also offer Owner/Foster Lectures. These are typically scheduled once a month in various locations and focus on the hardships of being an Owner/Foster and how to make the experience and transitions more pleasurable for the dog or cat. These lectures are individual and group based.

Keep in mind that if you are having troubles with your dog it is most likely due to one or more of several things:

1) The dog's relationship to you and your family. This can be easily corrected with a basic understanding of communication and your dog's individual personality.

2) The environment in which your dog exists. This could be the home or neighborhood situations, as a few examples.

3) The People that influence your dog. This could be your father who over feeds your dog treats or your dog walker allowing your dog to fail by dragging them across the neighborhood, etc.

We acknowledge that the use of "band aid" devices can be great for correcting a dog's issue, but it is a temporary fix! This means that harnesses and other off-set pressure devices don’t solve the behavior in any way shape or form and are no substitute for the proper training we provide.

Don’t be scammed by the high-dollar boarding training offers out there. We hold a firm belief that sending your dog away will not solve the issues you have or the potential issues you may have in your environment. Personal home visits are the only way to go when it comes to behavior. Kurlander Kennels is the answer.


State-of-the-art Boarding

Kurlander Kennels ensures the safety and wellbeing for you furry loved ones

We provide pick-up and drop-off service within 75 mile of our location.

We provide extra special care for special need dogs and maintain routines for current students.

Our Hands Free boarding facility also allows us to care for aggressive dog while minimizing stress or provide specially trained Canines with an interference free environment.

So relax, have fun and have confidence while your away and know your fur baby is safe and loved.


*Group pricing discounts for rescues and other organizations are available upon request.                                                *Pricing varies depending on individual need and packages.                                                                                               *Please call for current availability.